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Heels in the Forest September 20, 2010

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I woke up early in the morning because my mom already warn me to wake up earlier. Before I sleep, I asked Mr. Y to wake me up. Like always, he didn’t because he always later than me. Maaan!!! No doubt. I took shower and then I just realized I didn’t prepare my blouse yet. I was in hurry that morning but to forget my make up, no way to heaven.

I wear 9 cm high heel today! I feel very proud because my heels can reflecting my image. A function like a mirror, but low class mirror. When I almost near to stairs, my friend sms-ing me and said class is cancelled! I know I shouldn’t feel happy but… *you don’t have any idea how much I jump after read that message!* Oooouch! Be careful, I am 9 cm taller than usual…!

At 10 am, I have a meeting. Well, my clothes today is very suitable with the meeting concept. At that time, I feel like “Mom! I am wearing heels and still I am not a fashion victim!” My mom didn’t agree with me wearing heels to class. Oh noooo! I cannot nodding my head for that, Mom.

Today we have a course work in Recreation Park.

Okay. I imagine that we will go and have a relax class. Study with a fresh air, backdropping with green forest. What a beautiful day today. But….why my friends wear t-shirt…and sport shoes! Are we going INTO the jungle?!!! Oh no. I feel worried now. Worried if my heels will scratched! Now, comfy is second or third in the list. Heel always come first!

While everybody busy to find a good location to do that course work…..

I am busy thinking of my heels. Go or not…Go or not…

Finally I go! They laughed at me…Along the road, they teasing me. Our Prof invites some of us

to go with her by car. They pointing at me!

To those who wear high heels, you go la…

Don’t dream to walk.

Okay, I go!

Actually I still in hesitation.

To go or not…

But I go! This is an experience. I can gain more from the rest.

Not all can jump into the jungle with heels but I can… LOL!

But I swear after we finished, I am sick! My legs and my back…!

The heels that I claimed to be my mirror, now it’s no more.

And my mom always right. I shouldn’t wear heels to class.

No more after this…

My professor is kindly taking my picture with heel in the jungle.
Hehe. Thank you!

Holiday is Heaven September 19, 2010

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Every time I will go back to the university, I will have a very heavy heart to leave. My home is not a place which I can get everything that I want and it is surely not perfect. Even though it is very quite and empty, I feel comfort to live at home rather than in the university. I believe everybody will feel the same.

Living at home means full time relax to me. This holiday, I have so much therapy! Shopping is the obvious one, I love shopping a lot! Sometimes my mom stare at me like having a big regret because she didn’t kill me at the first place. Hehe…Even though I am not using her money but surely she worried!

(One of the best boutique that use Rose Buds Fragrance)

New restaurant that I never visit! Let’s go! It’s not a big glam restaurant but it is so nice as Scarlett Johanson. Oh God! I love to eat, but not too much…I went with a very pure Malay girl and she kept complaining about the food. Oh come on…We are in a Chinese Restaurant. It’s normal when their mee is taste a bit weird. It’s healthy, thou…She complained that the mee  is so tasteless. Not like what our grandma cook every day…Mee goreng with super oily and spicy but still delicious… 🙂


Having a very good therapy at home, aromatherapy.  I chose Rose Buds  and my mom prefer Lavender… but she always use my Rose Buds when her guests visit to our home. Well, I bring that things to the university but I forgot to bring a lighter. Do any girls here smoke? I want to borrow your lighter please…*don’t worry, I’ll keep your secret…shh*

Last day at home, I am thinking how can I bring all these stuffs back to university. That is too much, Moots! But…I really need it. Even the car didn’t agree with me… Ufff! I still need to force you, car.

Can you spot my little brother?

After I arrived, I put all my bags on my bed except two big luggages that your grandma always use to go for Haji..

The day I will go home …

Roommate : Are you going back forever?

The day I come back to the university …

Roommate : Oh no…You are going to stay here forever!!!

Moots is refugees.


September 14, 2010

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A well-known cosmetic millionaire, Sosilawati Lawiya was murdered. This issues was spread in the media and being talked everyday in Malaysia. She is also a  former wife of a Lefthanded singer, Nash.

In August, Mayor Sosilawati with three more victims of CIMB Bank Officer, a lawyer and a personal driver brutally murdered before her body was burned and the ashes thrown in Gadong Estate, Banting. I just cannot imagine how they went through the moment when there is no one to help them. Their shout, their cry…no one hear them. They suffered too much!

I don’t understand why they want to kill them. Obviously it’s all about money but the thing that makes me confuse is the murderer is a millionaire too. Is it not enough? When this case of Sosilawati’s murder was under investigation, they found out that this jackass who planned this murder also involved in so many other cases related to the disappearance of businessmen who deal with him. Police already freeze all his assets to make further investigation. *smirk*

Another thing, I just think about their family and relatives. How do they accept the truth that their family member were killed. They are waiting for a long time with tons of hope that their mom will come back safely. They celebrate Eid without their mom yet still waiting for her. After they know their mom was killed, and even worse they cannot see their mom’s body anymore, and they don’t have a grave for their mom. In short, they cannot pay their last respect to their mother, a biggest regret.

To the jackass behind all this, maybe they don’t know that Malaysian police is one of the best police in world. We got that honored! I believe they will keep on investigating and drag that jackass to the court, then directly give free ticket to the hell.

Al- fatihah.


Four of Us September 12, 2010

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I am quite emotional. Now, I understand why my best friends always want to take pictures. Every time the four of us gather, they will make sure that we have pictures of four of us. Sometimes I feel like…uff, is it a must thing, babe? We take pictures a lot! Before we start a class, after finish the class, during lunch time, meeting etc. Can you imagine how is that? Humanly speaking, I feel tired with all that stuffs but now…I just understand everything.

When we are apart, we will start to miss each other and the only thing that can cure the sick feeling is pictures. Last night, I open my Pictures folder and I saw my memorable time with my babes. I start to reminisce every thing, from the biggest funs till the smallest issues with them. I feel reluctant to close the folder. I miss the a lo and now it is impossible for the four of us to gather. We  have our own life that we have to deal with. It’s about the future and commitment. We live apart and time is the enormous obstacles for us to meet again.

In college, everywhere we go, everything we do, we will do it together! One boy give us a title of  ‘Datin H6’. During a break time, we kinda have a normal port for four of us. D’Pongsu. This is the first place we will head when the bells is ringing *not sure if the bell is really* Moo and Jaa love to flirt with Abang Bro D’Pongsu and have so many scandals too, like Abang Hero! hehehe… Mii and me prefer to eat and sit down and relax because we are super shy a.k.a lazy girls to talk with men.

I still remember the day when Moo and Jaa have work to do something and leaving me and Mii at the D’Pongsu. Because of our crime partners are incomplete, we both create a game called “Who-Finish-the-Food-First-She-Won-and-No-Prizes-Just-Fame” . We had half-cooked eggs and toasted to attack. Since I am so Malay girl,I’m lost in the competition. Mii won the game and she got the fame for few minutes to brag in class. *prrr*

In class, if one of us is missing, the people around us will ask “Where is another one?”

And in case if we have a desire to sit on some other new place, sometimes we tend to separate. Like Jaa, she loves to sit at the nearest to the stair because it easy to ask the lecturer *can you see the relationship between stair and lecturer?…lol*… Then, people will busy asking “Why she sit at the back?! Why you sit here? Why..Why..Why…?” I reckon all the people in the class already know how close the four of us…

Friendship Never End

We have a friendship ring and I still have it and still wear it…But Jaa… already lost it… She lost it when she work out in the toilet. hehe..

Friendship Never End

And the four of us!

I hope all of them will never forget me even I believe I am unforgettable! LOL…

To them, I just wanted you to know I love you so much!


Second day of Raya September 11, 2010

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The day that I unite with my dad’s relatives.

Actually my mom is planning to go to her mother-in-law’s home, my step dad’s village. Well, I cannot say no to go there because I should consider about my little boy too. He still needs to meet her grandma, a feeling that always haunting me to meet my own grandma.

On our way to kampung , my dad’s nephew called my mom and said he want to pay us a visit. We decided to return to home as we afraid if they come and no one at home to serve them.

At home, my mom is busy preparing foods and drinks to them, including the gifts. Maybe only my cousin’s family will come, so we just estimate them around 4 to 5 persons.

After they arrive, I am very shocked to see two uncles (my dad’s brothers) in front of my door. I don’t know what exactly I feel at that time. Happy, touched, sad, overjoy, proud, humble,guilty..etc. I am not sure since when they stay in my city.  Actually they have their own home in Sungai Petani, or something that I am not sure of it.

Uncle Ahmad come with his wife and one daughter while Uncle Abdullah come with his wife, one daughter, son-in-law and kids, one son, daughter-in-law and kids and one son. This is totally out of my expectation! I thought they already forgot me but they don’t! I feel very guilty. The one who should go and pay a visit is me, not them! Maybe they understand my situation. Thanks Allah. At least I can meet my relatives especially someone who is related with my real dad.

Uncle Ahmad ask me my email. He wants to send me something and he asked me to be updated there. My family (Abu Hasan) make a family tree and they don’t want me to miss it. I feel honored to be a part of them. Starting from my ancestors until my generation, who on earth not proud of it?

Before they go back, we take this opportunity to take some family pictures. Even though we lack of some important person (my grandparents and my dad)  in the picture, but we feel proud because we can unite even for a few minutes. The picture was taken by Hamzah, so I must check if he will upload it on facebook.

I thought today will be a dull day but their presence change everything. I feel much better!


Intro To A New Blog September 10, 2010

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A big hello to everyone who just found this amateur’s blog.

Before I start all over again, I have some wishes to make :

  • No more new blog after this
  • Will be updated daily or at least weekly
  • I am trying my best to not post hatred issues
  • Hoping that Moots7elwa will make you feel more younger than usual.

What and why Moots7elwa?

Moots is me… 7elwa, an Arabic word, is cute… Me Cute. Even though the sentence is quite fake, but please allow me… *winking*

To those who already read my previous blog, they will surely know me by the name of MootsHarlow, a blogspot old story. Now, I have a desire to choose my nick for the new blog to mix with Arabic word. I tried so many things and lastly I come out with Moots7elwa. Hopefully when people keep bragging about this blog, at the same time they can pray for me to be cute *for real* too!

Today, 1st syawal @ 10th September, will be a very meaningful day to me and to all Muslim. As for me, this day I celebrate Eid with more laughter and relax…I also have a new blog on this day… So, every year I will celebrate my blog’s birthday during the Eid and every 10th September.

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